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Energy Solutions to improve your  health and comfort 

Tallento helps to reduce the carbon footprint and make our planet a better place, while saving you money.

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Fostering Growth of Energy Efficiency Solutions
As an integrated solutions provider, we work across diverse markets, to offer cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet Clients' capital project requirements.

Weaterization Assistance Program

Tallento has been able to bring the best practices in residential energy efficiency solutions to our customers. We offer Weatherization services to South Carolina WAP homeowners partnering with SC Community Action Agencies.

Tallento Increases your comfort, saving the environment while saving your money. 

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Cellulose Insulation is eco-friendly insulation made up of recycled paper waste usually cardboard, newspaper, office paper, and any other paper-based products. The cellulose material is treated with boric acid which is not harmful to humans but keeps away any rodents and insects which are present or may make their way into the location. The boric acid also acts as a Class 1 fire retardant which makes cellulose a safer choice than other insulators such as Fiberglass for attics and walls.

Leading Energy Efficiency Solutions

The quality and efficiency of Tallento's solutions can be part of your daily life and be present in your home, generating savings of up to 95% on your bill, valuing the property and offering the best cost-benefit on the market.


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