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Tallento supports development program for college applicants and future Energy Leaders.

Atualizado: 27 de out. de 2022

Tallento is a Partner to recruit students to the Associate Degree in Energy Management at Tunxis College in Farmington, CT.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Energy Management is a unique two-year training program that prepares students for rewarding careers in the “clean energy” sector. With the goal of bringing together qualified and engaged college students, institutions of higher learning and companies and their executives, are investing in projects to attract young talents, promoting greater self-knowledge and behavioral aspects, such as leadership, innovation and a holistic vision of the energy business among these young aspiring professionals.

“We believe that the stronger relations among the actors involved in preparing people for the job market proposed by the Energy Management program gives colleges students the insights, provocations and self-knowledge required for them to make their career decisions conscientiously and to develop the behaviors perceived by the market as key to young talent, especially in the Energy Efficiency field,” said John Mitchell, founder and chairman of the JLC Industries, a national leader in energy efficiency programs in the USA.

To Tallento, the program is an opportunity to contribute to the careers of college students and to their development as new leaders. “The interaction among college students in this unprecedented partnership effectively supports their career decisions. At the same time, we are strengthening relations with one of the top colleges in Connecticut and private companies, with the shared goal of mobilizing a new generation in the Energy Management job market that will ensure the renewal of business leaders in the USA,” explained Daniel Martins, Founder and CEO of Tallento Corp.

With the program using Tunxis Community College campus as a “living laboratory,” students apply basic physics and analytical techniques to measure and define the energy use of building systems. The end goal is to pinpoint energy waste and recommend alternative energy solutions that results in greater energy efficiency and lower energy costs. “Every building uses energy, but few buildings have staff trained to optimize it. Programs like the Energy Management degree offered by Tunxis Community College give professionals tangible skills and a direct on-the-job return on investment,” said Matt Gibbs, Managing Director, Evergreen Consulting Group; and former Director of Energy Efficiency Implementation at Eversource.

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