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Before starting your construction, renovation, energy efficiency solutions, and other projects, look for an expert and experienced team in the segment. The Tallento team is ready to receive you and provide the right solution for your needs. More than projects and constructions, we deliver comfort and safety.


We are ready to handle any masonry work project with professional workers.

➡ Retaining Walls;

➡ Wet Areas;

➡ Terraces;

➡ Roofs;

➡ Walls


Hardwood Floors

When it comes to flooring installation, we provide high quality services at competitive prices to give you maximum value. We will give your home a timeless and elegant appeal offering multiple styles so you can make a statement that will last an eternity.

Epoxy Coating

An epoxy floor coating is a fantastic solution for preserving and protecting any floor that sees a lot of frequent, heavy traffic.



Vinyl Siding is a modern outdoor cladding system that offers high quality. It is highly resistant, washable, easy to install and low maintenance of dirt.

It is ideal for replacing ink and has minimal maintenance costs, as it does not require the application of other products, in addition, it is a solution that offers excellent value for money.



The must have a beautiful shape that combines the roof with the architecture, without losing the functionality of covering the house and providing security, without spaces. Therefore, according to your needs, we indicate the best materials and the best techniques.


Home Audit

Blower door test and blower door guided air sealing. Air sealing of the top plates in the attic and air sealing of thermal bypasses inside the living space.  Duct Blaster test and duct sealing.


Multi Family Residential

Multi Family residential envelope testing and blower door guided air sealing. Windows inspection and replacement. HVAC inspection and replacement for higher efficiency units. Dwelling units lighting fixture installation, pipe insulation and domestic hot water strategies. Tallento is a MF Initiative / Energize CT Contractor.

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